About Us


Our roots in the CC racing community run deep. With 15+ years experience building cars, wiring, dyno tuning and diagnosing a wide variety of vehicles using motorcycle engines, our chief mechanic and tuner, Ryan Greth brings the necessary tools and knowledge to keep you running in the front of the pack! 

In 2001 Ryan started racing 600cc Micro Sprints in central Pennsylvania. As Ryan built his experience and knowledge over the next few years, he earned a position as the head tuner and fuel injection mechanic at Hyper Racing. The next decade would see Ryan progress into one of the most esteemed individuals in this field. He has performed thousands of dyno pulls, wiring harness conversions and ECU flashes.

Ryan's success wasn't limited to the dyno room and the wiring bench though. Along with multiple wins per year, Ryan brought home the $10,000 prize in both 2006 and 2012 as the winner of Central Pennsylvania's Micromania Race! 

In September 2017, 600cc Performance was born. Located in Sherman's Dale Pennsylvania, we continue to provide unmatched Fuel injection and chassis parts sales and service to the cc racing community across the country. 


Our Team of Professionals are ready to serve you!


Ryan Greth - Owner

The face of 600cc Performance, Ryan is the chief tuner and leader of operations. His experience, dedication and eagerness to take on new and exciting projects helps to propel the business to new heights.


Patrick Hurtado - Wiring Specialist

A New Mexico native, Patrick traveled 2,000 miles across the US to join our team! He meticulously builds most of the wiring harnesses for 600cc Performance and brings valuable technical knowledge to the table. 


Jesse Howell - Wiring Specialist

A fellow racer who worked full time for his business rebuilding engines came across our team to join the fun we have around here! He's well capable of doing anything and helps build wire harnesses for 600cc Performance. 


Stacey Greth 

A hero behind the scenes, Stacey helps to keep the paperwork in order. You most likely won't talk to her when you call the shop but her vital efforts are important to daily operations.


Faith Turnbaugh

A well known girl in the racing community who became apart of the business part time working for her step father Ryan Greth. Faith is in charge of keeping the website running, she's in charge of the shipping operation, helps answer the phone, and anything she knows well to her knowledge she will do it!



The sweetest, four legged member of our team. Mazi will be the first to greet you when you walk through our door, tail waggin' and full of kisses! She's definitely a shop favorite!